The Process – Cityscape

I recently created this cityscape for one of my illustration challenges I am taking part in.

I was given the term ‘Pastel’ for my challenge. I chose to illustrate a cityscape as I have a great interest in cityscapes aswell as seascapes, but knew I had to create a pastel colour palette to bring it back to my challenge topic.

Below is the process I took to create my pastel cityscape.

My initial sketch onto paper for my cityscape
Once in Adobe Illustrator I began by creating rules for my perspective grid
I then marked out the horizontal and vertical rules that would go on to form the buildings
I drew in the street buildings using a black stroke
I added in shapes to form the rooftops
I began drawing in lots of doorway, window and signage detail
I created a pastel colour palette and applied it across the full drawing
I felt my cityscape was complete here
Although, the challenge I was undertaking was for the term ‘Pastel’ so I softened the picture by removing the black strokes

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